School Directory App – How To Quickly Set It Up

Hi Everyone.

With the launch of the Paperless PTO School Directory App only days away, I wanted to share the first of many instructional videos regarding the new app.  We are planning to roll out the app and the necessary upgrades to your website on Saturday, June 28th. Once the roll out and upgrade are complete, you will be able to download the app from Google Play and the iTunes store.

As a reminder, the app can only be activated with a registration key that is generated from your Paperless PTO website.  This registration key is created when a visitor adds the School Directory App item for sale to their shopping cart and then completes the order by paying for it.

I have been able to put together the first instructional video on how this happens.  You will also learn how to include the app in your membership dues and see how to sell it separately as an individual item for sale.

Stay tuned as there will be a long line of more videos coming.  Any questions?  Be sure to submit them below.


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2 Responses to School Directory App – How To Quickly Set It Up

  1. Taryn Iwan says:

    There is sound on the video, but no picture when I play it.

  2. Michael Kerin says:

    Hi Taryn,

    You can also go directly to youtube to watch the directory app video. Try this link:


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