Add Content To The Right and Left Sidebar

The right and left sidebar can now be used to add content to your Paperless PTO website.

Up until this point, if you have chosen to disable advertising and disable the ‘Fundraising Mall’, the right and left sidebars would often be empty.  Sidebar is an important feature that calls your participants’ attention to other events, latest news and the innovations to your website and phone app for quick and easy viewing.  Some organizations have stretched the center section with some innovative tricks to cover the space. But this wastes the benefits of the left and right sidebar feature.

We have designed the sidebar feature to initially place your sidebar information on the left side of the page.  A new check box has been added where you can choose which side you would like the information to be added.  This check box will allow you to place the content on the right side bar instead of the left sidebar.  Simply click to check the box ‘Place on right sidebar’ and the save sidebar button at the bottom of the edit page and it will then appear on the right sidebar of your site.

Here you can see a volunteer note placed on the right sidebar and it appears just above the Fundraising Mall.


Next up for the sidebar feature will be drag and drop ordering.

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