Paperless PTO Announces Bulk Discounted Rates For School Directory App

The 2014-2015 version of the School Directory App from the Paperless PTO is now being offered at discounted rates to schools and parent teacher organizations when purchased in bulk quantities.

Greetings, parents, teachers and school administrators! I am once again happy to report that you can now save as much as 70% when you purchase the mobile school directory app in large volumes.

Registration keys are needed to activate the School Directory App on your Android, iPhone, iPad or similar device.  In most cases, one registration key will activate one device.  With your Paperless PTO website you can purchase the registration keys individually or you can buy them in quantities of 250, 500, 750 or 1,000.

Here is a snapshot of the new discounted pricing structure of our mobile School Directory App:


How It Works

Our School Directory App can only be activated on a smart phone, tablet or similar device with a registration key that is issued from your Paperless PTO website. In most cases, one registration key will activate one device.  Therefore, the cost per device depends on the number of registration keys you will need for your group.  Registration keys can now be purchased both individually or in large quantities. To further clarify, here is an example of each:

  • Individual Registration Keys – as the website administrator you will have an item for sale on your Paperless PTO website for the School Directory App registration key. If you set the price at $10 and a parent purchases a single registration key for the smart phone app, your group will be charged $2.50 for that registration key.   The parent can then activate the School Directory App on 1 device with that registration key. Your group’s net gain on the purchase is $7.50. Now, if a parent purchases 2 registration keys, your group is charged $5.00 and your net gain on the purchase is $15.00. The parent can then activate the mobile app on 2 devices.
  • Bulk Registration Keys – if your group was to purchase 500 registration keys in advance, the charge to your group would be $550. This results in a discount rate of $1.10 per device which is a savings of a whopping 56%. If you wind up selling all 500 of those registration keys to your parents at $10 per key, you group’s net gain is $4,450. Meanwhile, your Paperless PTO website will assign the registration keys to your parents and the smart phone School Directory App will then be activated on up to 500 devices.

The immediate benefit of our pricing structure is that your group will only pay for the number of devices that will use the School Directory App. Even better is the fact that your group can set your own price and generate a nice revenue stream each year.

Compare our School Directory App plans to see which one will benefit your group the most.

Do you have any questions?  If so, reply to this post below and we will follow up and make sure you understand completely.

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2 Responses to Paperless PTO Announces Bulk Discounted Rates For School Directory App

  1. Kandi Silk says:

    If the PTO purchase the bulk 500 registration keys and only 250 are used in the given school year, will that supply remain owned by that PTO for the following year?

  2. Michael Kerin says:

    Hi Kandi,

    The keys have expiration dates so they will not work in the following year. However, if you purchase 500 and 250 or less are used by your members, we will certainly apply the difference ($100) to your purchase of keys the following year.


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