Volunteering Added to the Paperless PTO School Directory App

The mobile directory app from the Paperless PTO now allows your parents to easily volunteer for events and committees that your parent teacher group sponsors each year. Not only can your parents quickly tap on an event to volunteer, they will also receive automated alerts reminding them that they have volunteered for an upcoming event.

In past years your Paperless PTO website allowed parents to volunteer for committees. We have expanded this feature in several ways:

     1. Parents can volunteer for specific events such as an upcoming car wash
     2. Each event can have volunteer roles such as a washer, a dryer, and a payment collector
     3. Volunteering for these events can now be easily done from the smart phone Directory App that is available with each Paperless PTO subscription
     4. Since events are dated, automatic alerts are triggered and sent to the mobile app reminding parents that they have volunteered for an event that is quickly approaching

We have put together another video to show you how volunteering works. By taking advantage of this feature you will see an increase in the number of volunteers and more importantly in the number of parents that show up for the event.

Volunteering will be included in version 15.16.1 and is scheduled to be available in the beginning of August of 2015.

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