Love it or hate it: The World Wide Web is the latest tool for fundraising

From shopping to banking, everything is online these days. The entire world is on the World Wide Web and if you don’t utilize it for raising funds for your school, you would probably miss a major chunk of the audience whom who would not be able to catch offline. Internet has changed the way parent teacher organizations used to raise money for the development of the educational institutes. This newest strategy has been very successful and convenient for the fundraisers as well as the public. This is the reason why an increasing number of parent teacher organizations are for online fundraising programs.

The way you communicate with your audience decides your success rate. If you want to be successful, you have to reach your potential customers and spread the right message among them. Nothing can beat the online medium for spreading your message. Use the social media such as Facebook, MySpace, and twitter to tell people about your upcoming events, deadlines, meeting times, etc. You can also use internet to direct people to your website. The best part is that you can find everybody online. These sites are much easier to use on Smartphones and allow you to link back to your website. You get more traffic from the online sites than the offline sources. This is because; people are more likely to click on your link when they see it online rather than reading it in a flyer.

For effectively using the social media, you must post your PTO details there. Tweet about the weekly meeting schedule, ask people to vote for the products that they would like to buy, talk about any changes in your  overall working process. The core idea is that you have to keep your audience engaged.  You can also talk about your school, the recent changes that the school has made, future plans, etc. When you give valuable information to people, they are more likely to get attracted towards you.

Go completely online. Replace the conventional school newsletters, flyers, etc. with e-mailers. You can boost about your eco-friendly concept and let people know that you seriously care about the school as well as the entire earth. In your email, request them to forward the mails to others so that the fundraising event can get more participation.

Sell your products online. Promote your fundraising program and ask people to place their orders on your website. Brief them about the delivery details, payment method, etc. You can also show them some samples physically so that they take interest in your products. This will be helpful for people who don’t move out of their house for some reason or couldn’t participate in your program due to scheduling conflict. By giving them an option to shop online, you will give them a flexibility to shop anytime they want. Not only for raising funds, social media sites are also useful for recruiting the volunteers and motivating the students.

Online tools are great for PTOs and PTAs to reach a large number of people within a short time and gain the profit they require.

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