Enjoy Your Summer, We’re Hard At Work

The Paperless PTO staff would like to wish you a very happy and safe summer. We hope you are enjoying the great weather as well as vacation time with your family.

While you may be relaxing, we have been busy adding many new features to Paperless PTO websites. Some of the new options we are excited about include:

* a user guide in text and video format

* the abiliity to add your own custom pages

* new membership types that you define

* no need to enter new events by easily recreating last years events

* volunteer roles within committees

* managing credits for members

* monitoring unprocessed orders

* electronic birthday wishes for students

* plus much more

One of our primary goals this year is to provide you with regular updates that will go into detail on each of the many features of our program. We are sure you will find this information enlightening and helpful in making the most of your website.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer.

With fondest regards,
The Paperless PTO Staff.

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10 Responses to Enjoy Your Summer, We’re Hard At Work

  1. Thx for this great information that you are sharing with us!!!

  2. Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting and engaging. Keep up a good work!

  3. Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting. Wonderful work!

  4. Thank you for this information! I used it for my diploma thesis =)

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  8. Slava says:

    I’m all for paperless but we have one cocenrn. If we run the report by Home Dept it won’t show us charges made by employees outside of our home dept that are charging to our projects. We need to know who is charging time to our projects. With approx 100 open projects it will be extremely time consuming if I have to enter one project number at a time to get a report. Can we get a report by Org Id so anyone charged to our projects will be reflected? We can then sort by project or however we need to.

  9. admin says:

    Thanks All :-)

    I will keep posting similar articles for you

    Keep Reading

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