Effective fundraising ideas for Schools

Many schools in the US are severely underfunded and this makes it difficult for them to buy all the equipments and facilities that they need for improving their learning systems. The economic slowdown has also cast its spell on these educational institutions that are making extra effort not only to raise money for their school equipments but also for sustaining their basic cost. Although the age old fundraising ideas do work, an out-of-the-box idea will certainly excite the students and make them put more efforts. The contributors also get attracted towards such an idea making it easier for the schools to collect the required money. Here are some ideas that students as well as teachers would like.

Student art sale:

This is an amazing idea that is slowly gaining popularity. By having a sale of the artwork made by the students, the schools gain popularity along with the collecting the funds. This sale can be done online as well as physically by putting up all of these in an exhibition. Children are very creative and always want to show off their talent. This will be an excellent platform to show their skills. Doing this for a noble cause will make them more enthusiastic. Although you might have to incur some expenditure but the results will be very rewarding.

Beautiful baby contest

Every parent feels that they are having the cutest baby of the block and maybe the state. A beautiful baby contest will therefore, be one of the best ways to attract all the parents and kids of the nearby areas. Organizing this event alone can be a little expensive; therefore, schools can club this up with some other events that are happening in the locality. In this fundraising process, the teachers will play a major part and the students will help them in making the arrangements. Every candidate will have to pay a fixed amount to participate. A part of the collected money can be given away as prizes whereas the rest can be used for the development of the school.

Recycle fundraising programs

This innovative idea will help the schools collect a good amount of money without actually selling anything or asking people for donations. All you need to do is to put up some collection boxes in some convenient places such as the grocery store, park, school lobby, library, etc. and ask people to donate their useless items such as ink cartridges, old cell phones, newspapers and other paper waste, etc. You can approach the businesses and tell them to save their ink cartridges for your fundraising program. Ask people to call your volunteers, if they are unable to come to the collection boxes and have the students collect the goods from their home. Before starting such a drive, you have to find out a company that will accept all these items. After the collection is complete, you can sell them to this company.

Selling home-made cookies for raising funds for the school

Supportive parents can bake cookies and cupcakes at home and pack them beautifully. The schools can collect all these and distribute it among the kids for selling. You can also sell it directly to any grocery store or a wholesaler of these items.

Successful planning and creative ideas is all you need to attract a lot of people and collect the funds you need for your school.

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